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2-3VX560 Optibelt Super KBX-POWER Kraftbands 2 Ribs Banded Cogged V-Belt

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Optibelt Super KBX-POWER Kraftbands V-Belts

Optibelt Super KBX-POWER kraftbands are made up of Optibelt Super X-POWER V-belts and are joined together with a top surface which is highly resistant to wear and tear. Optibelt Super KBX-POWER kraftbands display a tension behavior which is clearly more favorable in comparison with conventional raw edge kraftbands. These kraftbands are used with up to five ribs or as a combination of sets.

Optibelt Super KBX-POWER kraftbands offer the following advantages:

  • Compact drive solutions
  • Increased power transmission
  • Low stretch / low maintenance
  • Optimized running characteristics
  • Small pulley diameter / large belt span

Optibelt Super KBX-POWER kraftbands are recommended to be used when dealing with extreme impact loads, vertical running shafts, large center distances and many other special tasks in the field of machine and vehicle construction. The performance values correspond to the sections of the Optibelt Super X-POWER V-belts.

Examples of Applications
  • Commercial vehicles - Air conditioning units
  • Machine construction - Compressors
  • Construction machinery - Compactors
  • Paper machines - Pulping machines
  • Plastics machines - Extruders
  • Wood processing machines - High power saws
Belt No.: 3VX560
Section: 3VX
# of Ribs: 2
Outside Length (inch): 56
Width per Rib (inch): 3/8
Height (inch): 25/64